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So I am half way on the other side of the world..

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As more and more people from the West talking about the best new girl friends should be coming from Asia. How are the women here really like?



I thought I might as well give everyone looking east a lesson or two before you do look this way.



I am now living and working in Shanghai, China. for those of you that thinks China is still this little communist country where people share their belongings and obey the partys orders, I can let you in a big secret. ------- this place, is more captialist than anywhere you have been and known



And I have been and know some places. I grew up in Hong Kong and was US educated for High school and University. I lost the american accent now and replaced with what they call "a common wealth accent"



but please, common wealth. That colonial isn't it? and we hate the word Colonial. We don't order that breakfast, never. I can immitate a good Queen's english as well, and I won't mind a Queen's breakfast at all.




I am a world traveler and have been many many places in the world, except Africa, and latam. Which I am sure I will go soon. My next trip is in June, going to France -- Paris, Nice and Cannes. For the advertising festival.


So you see, the communist red china has their share of world travelers. someone that has lived, and spent years in the west, and faithfully returns. Maybe it's not so bad afterall eh?


Oh have you heard of those pumpkin farmer looking countrymen of mine, going on champs elysee and with bags of cash and buys half their shops? those are we I am more scared of..noevelle riche with no taste but just bags and bags of cash. (yes no credit card, just cash)


There's good stories to tell here. So I might kept this blog on and see if I can help you answer some of your questions about ladies from the orient

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I once dated a lovely charming Asian lady. It was very clear that her plan was to take over and run my life. She may very well have been better at it than I was. I might have grown to like it -- it was fun while it lasted.

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I don't even know why I call them pumpkin farmers. they sure are not farming pumpkins.


the nastiest novelle riche here in China are the coal mine owners from Shaan Xi. My goodness. They are the one who goes to Galeries LaFayette and buys everything with a brand, while screaming "what a bargain". I learn that China has become the no.2 largest luxury goods shoppers in the world.


I personally think this is a strange phenomenon. I have my share of luxury branded items. Ok, but I can afford it. It's not an everyday thing. It's more like a treat for myself once a year or something.

My receptionist girl, makes 3500 RMB a month. (ok, about US$500) after tax. She owns one Louie Vuitton bag, one Gucci bag, one Couch bag, AND an iphone. They are all real, some of them were brought back by us during our business trip to Europe so I know they are not counterfeit. But at the same time, the girl lives in an apartment that has not been renovated at all. Meaning, it's cement floor and concrete walls. All the money that she spent on the purses, could be paid to get her floor done up and paint those walls! What's up with the value?what's up with the world?


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hahahaa They have invaded London, Paris NY, etc. but Atlanta.. hmm US is not exactly a "shopping location" for them.


I am very interested to understand why the west have this conception that Asian women are "submissive". Or, we like being women more than the women from the west.

From what I see here, women are not submissive at all. In fact, they are VERY bossy! lol

Common advice in the country to men is, stay away from the Shanghaiese women.  (lol.. my mother is Shanghaiese, ask my dad. He'll tell you the same thing)They are supposed to be the prettiest but, most manipulative, and most demanding. In the old days, (still to some these days) the Shanghaiese man does all the cooking and cleaning around the house, on top of that, they hand over their whole salary to their wives and gets a small allowance each month.

 But the problem is, no one seem to be able to escape the manicured fingers of a Shanghaiese girl these days. I have a lot of western friends here in Shanghai, and after they came, they for one, never left. And also, they all end up with a Chinese girl friend, later married to one. There are also a lot of western girls here. Unfortunately for them, it's hard for them to date so they mostly end up leaving China within a few years.

There must be something some of us are doing right. But I can't really pin-point what. Maybe you guys can tell us why you think Asian girls are attractive to your eyes? So maybe I can do more of it!!! :D

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Do keep your blog going, please. Most interesting.
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Hey. Singlecali. So you are int the girls from the east? There should be plenty of them from you're from? No? Or you like the ones back home from their motherland?
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hahahahaha! I really like your humor bluelulu, I believed you, I was born in the Philippines I came here when I was 16 yrs.old, My Parents owned businesses here in the states and still goes back and forth in Asia to invest.

Let me tell you a story about THE GREATEST noevelle riche with no taste but just bags and bags of cash. NOT JUST cash$$$$$$$$$$, because of the down-turn economy we have to let go some of our Elderly Care Facility in Northern California with this market this days, tough LUCK! so our business has been LISTED for MONTHS, so one day we have OPEN HOUSE.....Now, I am sorry if I am offending anyone here, please forgive...but for the sake of this story I will continue. A gentlemen visited our Facility Site, he pull over with his 1995 Honda hatch-back civic, wearing just a very plain white shirt,jeans and slippers,unkept hair and was blowing his nose on a white tissue while talking to me.

I was thinking in the back of my mind, Please don't waste my time if you ain't got the dough! So, then I let him deal with our realtor,......boy! He stunned all of US! HE WAS LOADED BIG-TIME, that you can never imagine, He paid $$$$$$$$$ in a brown bag! yes! brown sandwich bag.......I am from Northern California and I see this happened all the time especially all FORECLOSED HOMES now a days....Honey! forget the Plastic! We're talking CA$H$$$$$$$ tons! of it!

Lastly I have read a lot of blogs/forum in this website WESTERN MEN have fettish for ASIAN women.....Hmmmmmmmmm....H-E-L-L-OOOOOOOOOOO!
again no offense to all the wonderful ladies in this website but....please....this has been going on for DECADES, we are "NOT" submissive ( maybe at FIRST ) I think WE JUST HAVE OUR WAYS, ONCE WE MARRY THE RIGHT MEN of our DREAMS!
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Ladies from Asia are wonderful, but we need more .....