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Why Men Cheat !!!

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I think that may be a crutch Monk58 ... I don't think any man cheats to maintain their fragile sense of self esteem. Light flirting can lift a sagging esteem.

I think cheating begins when some need isn't being fulfilled in a relationship and the person doesn't resolve it with his/her partner.
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Men cheat because their wives "let themselves go and become unappealing".

Men cheat because it's more fun to flirt and giggle and laugh then to go home to the same old thing everyday.

Men cheat because they enjoy the risk and danger of getting caught.

Men cheat because wives hang the sex over their head as a reward instead of being intimate. For instance if you clean the house you will get some.
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Ok, then keep going...
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OMG - they cheat because then can for starters.

They cheat because the blood gets drained from their brains and end up in the wrong place.

They cheat because they are bored.

They cheat because they are visual creatures and too much visual going around.

I can go on all night if you like!!!