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Profile violation!

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I just joined the website recently and I’m now constantly receiving emails from people thanking me for liking their profiles, when the truth is I’ve never seen their profiles before and in most of the cases it’s more than obvious that we aren’t match at all!!!
It’s very frustrating, how the website operates! And if they are messing up with the Like button, I’m wondering what else they manipulate?????
Anybody with the same experience? What would you do?
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some of them d scams .not saying this site but most
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Yes u r right they do that...
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I agree with you ! I think the site manipulates a lot more than that !!

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Yeap , all the time !
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You should contact the site manager, they wont learn without input. They have some very poor quality ideologies about people- pigeon hole them. And I suspect that the programmer responsible for the questions, content and interactions is near retarded and unable to properly comprehend any form of intellectual society.
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1 year ago

If you have any concern, first I would just address it with management here, it could very well just be people posting on your site telling porkies just so they get your attention, if however you receive an actual email from MM stating somebody liked or commented on your Profile then I would think that to be legit.


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