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who r the most handsome men and most beautiful women on MM?

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1 year ago
Take your time and think about it.
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You are right about the ballcap thing...

<-----doesn't date guys in baseball caps
OR flannel shirts.
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THANKS for coming to my defense.

At least he has a heart of gold, my bipolar. You, "faceless" WELLSAID have NO HEART.
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1 year ago
I like your profile, and you are a very good looking guy.
But i agree with SSM and RH, lose the baseball cap. Lets see a clear photo, that shows more of you, and that gorgeous face, plus some more body (not saying shirtless, just we can see your stature.)

If you were in my town, and you flirted with me at the beach or in a pub etc, i would definately date you.
But reading your blogs on here, it does seema little desperate, even if you arent.
Delete your other blogs, and play it cool.
Comment on some blogs, think of a really cute or funny one that will get some interest, and you may just find your lady!!

Good luck gorgeous!! x0x0x00xx0x
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I sort of agree with Scorpio. Not your profile, but your blogs, and you have written quite a few, come across as being too desperate looking for a date.

Some of the women here (including me) are too old for you. Some of the younger ones may be seeking wealthy and/or intelligent guys. I'm not implying that you are not intelligent - I'm sure you are and you certainly seem to have a romantic soul which most women adore, however, this is not Italy. Some of the women in this country are looking for a man to be at least her equal if not more. In your previous blog, you indicated you're looking for love and if she has money, even better. Very few wealthy women will be interested in men who do not fall in the same caliber. Guys are different. They will date a poor (and pretty) girl just to get laid.

You will find someone. Be patient. In the meantime, try not to post anymore blogs asking/begging women to date you.
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Fellow Desperate-Is-A-Big-Turn-Off,

In need for some positive reinforcement today?

Why would you ask questions you already know the answers better then anybody else?

Please behave.

And the answer way Jose!
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I think you're cute. If you're not getting the response you're seeking I would suggest a different picture.

When I first looked at the picture I thought you were wearing a toupee. Your profile is nice and you seem like a nice guy.

My answer would be if I lived in your area, you would at least warrant an online chat and possibly a meeting in person.

Just one lady's opinion. I hope it helps.

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You are nice looking but come across as desperate.
Just my opinion.
I am too old for you anyhow.