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where is the limit?when is good enought?

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1 year ago
I come to think that the online dating as it may appear the best way to meet people, that other whise it would be impossible due to busy life styles, it also has some drawbacks because it seems as if no one can make their mind as to choose someone to establish a relationship,as if the question of settle for someone may be the factor, or keep looking to see if in the mean time some one better comes up?? well if we continue to do that obviously we will always find someone who makes more money, or more physically fit, or had the personality we seek, or what ever that it is that we search for, so for how long do you keep looking? we could spend the rest of ourlives searching for the perfect match, witch it will never happen because is not such a perfect match,as we are no perfect people. I don't think a relationship should be a question as to be settle? but to make a choice, that the one you choose is truly the one that you are willing to put time and effort to it, when challenges arise, so stop comparing, seek with an open heart ready to give, to be vulnerable, to feel all the emotions .......ultimately love is a choice!!

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