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there are 3 types of girls on this site.... in order of chances.... catfish, wannabe sugarbabies, and women who made their own shit

I came here hoping to find the third, would have settled for the right one of the second but probably gonna not renew because of the first....

it's sad because I really just want someone to be a partner not a dependent
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You seem interesting ...and nearby me. Want to meet for a coffee?

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Which one are you?
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Blame it on agendas, tv, radio, music, beauty industries, icons, pharma, etc. to make people believe being shallow is rich, and not judged. I just got on this app because I have my own life plus attempting to include 1 man in it shouldn't be a prob.
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@GAPeach617, I don't grasp people who don't like animals
Members Only truly seem like a genuine gentleman. We could definitely be friends. Not certain that you would be my type. I don't like animals. Love a good ride on a Harley. Well best of luck to you.