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perhaps another venue?

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1 year ago
When I got on the blogs, I thought this would be a good way to meet a few friends. I have to say that I hardly noticed any fighting, maybe because I was new.

But over the weeks that I started reading the blogs, it seems like there are very few worth reading. I don't generally bother to read the blogs about the fights; although they appear to be at least half of the blogs written. Nor do I really know what the fights involve.

My question is this: For all of you who are pissed off about trolls, fakes, or phonies, now that you've met your "friends", You could still be on MM but you wouldn't have to feel so threatened in writing your blogs and comments. You could still come here to see if any new people were worthy of friendship.

Just wondering. It seems like everyone feels they have a right to these particular blogs, to write them, monitor them, and keep them peaceful. I think it's obviously it is never going to be perfect.
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1 year ago
I have other blogs on . I often times use them to temporarily relieve my stress when I am angry, upset, and confused. They allow me to be negative, but it is MY blog on MY page.

I noticed that you commented on Anna's page, as did I. She has made the same observation that I believe many have. At a first glance, this site seems to be stocked full of intelligent, educated, funny, and handsome/beautiful men and women. But once you really start fishing, you start to wonder why you're not catching anything worth keeping - whether it be a friendship or a relationship.

Fortunately, we don't have to be friends with the people on this site to understand and respect their views, opinions, and personalities. That's what I think people are forgetting on here. If they don't like something, they should ignore it.