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1 year ago

Did you see MM had a new look on Myaccount page, profile page and search pages since yesterday?


How do you think of the design? Is is easier for you to navigate? Any suggestions on this?


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I think it's stupid that I can no longer read chat messages.  :-( 

2 days ago but I could at random times in the chat now find / it no longer works.

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Even if the site were free, I doubt I'd have any luck. Haven't thus far. I've only spoken to a few on the phone and have met zero. With that being said, why would I pay for something that's not working. I'm on another site that I'm grandfathered in and can email anyone I want for free. 


They're just going to lose customers as there's rarely any interaction.  It's hard to even know which profiles are even active and which aren't. I was inactive for many years on here, until updating my profile and photos last year. 

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Quoting Dakota35:

Signed in today, noticed I had a chat request and it's locked.  I'd like to know who wanted to chat, but I'm not about to pay for a membership to find out.  This is the game that plays, maybe it works on the dumb folks, but not us smart people...and not for the price MM charges.  I've paid $14/mo. for a Match subscription through Groupon or LivingSocial, then canceled before the reoccurring charge.  So for $14 I wasn't out much but still it gets old to find out that it's someone that you are not even interested in, and you just spent money to find out.  I don't like being manipulated.


A dating website needs to make the decision if; it's all about making money and screw the patrons, or if it's about making money and giving it's patrons a great service.  In the past, I've liked the way MM did business, now not so much.


I have a locked chat message as well.  Perhaps they did it intentionally? 
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Dakota 35

I totally agree... at this point they have blocked out just about everything from the chat room to who's viewed me or who has any interest in me ... it'd be nice to have a little more to go on to see if this is worth me staying ... 

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Quoting rmac22:

Some years back webmaster was female and winked at me a few times.  A few days ago I checked and sure enough claimed to be male.  They yesterday I checked and sitll clained to be male, but had a picture that was of a quite cute female.  So what gives?  What say you all? 


** rmac22 **


I have had all of the above experiences, and then some.  The latest answer that was written to me after some back and forth, is ....


Dear member,

Thank you for contacting us.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a test account of us. Now I hide it.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can do for you.

Best regards,

The MillionaireMatch Team
24/7 Support: 1-(416)-628-1072


I hope the above helps, although my gut feeling is that the Canadian address may be a past proprietor or perhaps m / m uses that as a decoy, or their webmaster hails from another planet. 


The mystery continues,


** S L **  &  Partner  ** I C **

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Quoting silverlion:

** To All **


Not sure if the O P / author is part of The M / M team, or has posted this blog for his own gain.


I have valid reasons and sources to doubt the above.


** S L **

Some years back webmaster was female and winked at me a few times.  A few days ago I checked and sure enough claimed to be male.  They yesterday I checked and sitll clained to be male, but had a picture that was of a quite cute female.  So what gives?  What say you all? 


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1 year ago


I don't agree with the present front page because it is a copy of 


an associate Dating site " THE SENIOR DATING MATCH COM"


MM must have an original format if they want to change it . 

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See if they changed the landing page...


When I signed in this morning, I landed on my PICTURES????


And now after I hit to submit this post, (I am editing it now after already submitting,) it did not go to where it normally lands? 


I am guessing the code is being messed with this morning? 


Now I am editing this post to inform, this time I hit submit, it DID go to page we are accustomed to where it says "blog home/ your blog/ same topic" 


Odd... My best guess is someone is working behind the scenes at this precise moment. 


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** To All **


Not sure if the O P / author is part of The M / M team, or has posted this blog for his own gain.


I have valid reasons and sources to doubt the above.


** S L **

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I am not sure I like the change, but everything changes eventually.

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I don't much like seeing everything I do listed under activities.  Not all that crazy about it under other people’s activities either.  We all should be allowed some privacy.  If anyone is interested they can check the person’s profile.  


Comments on blogs should be read in the blogs.  Comments on someone’s profile should be read there. 


Only virtue I can see in this is if someone is so inane as to comment the same thing on hundreds of different people's profiles it will expose them. 

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   I'm not one much for change, this was to big of a jump for me, thanks for asking. Maybe a border around the  old page, Not hearts lol, Dancing Shoes was a nice border I used once when Windows was pentium3, it helped sell, I've never seen it again. You could try changing boarders maybe from time to time. Kinda like freshing up once in awhile.

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1 year ago




The front page is the face of the site and it is the page that every member identifies to ..


One suggestion :  I don't want to see my own activities at the front page ..I prefer to see the activities of the other members 

as it was before ..   Thank you ..

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Site looks way too busy and not user friendly.  It is my imagination or does everything appear smaller (fonts and photos)???


Perhaps you can give members a choice to either keep the old version or update to the new.   

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Quoting Dakota35:

    Drop down menus are no bad.  But I agree with you Hoping. From the point of view of the website owner, designer, and programmer...they tend to want to show clients all the things they are getting for their money.  The want a selling point.  But what they don't think about is that the client doesn't spend their life understanding all the modules of a dating site.  The client just wants to see something easy and familiar.  I see that this site has implemented some of Match features on the home page.  Simplicity and value is the key to success.  If a site presents to much of a learning curve, then people will not use it.  If it looks to complicated and makes people work to find what they are seeking, then people will not use it.  Adding value and functionality over the competition is the key.  This site has always given it's members just a little more free room than other sites...that's why I use it.  Take that away and I know I will not be around as much.  The blog is a good example of given free room, profile comments are awesome.  Seeing people that are interested in you, or at least the first 4 is great, seeing who viewed your profile is great.  People are not stupid, they know when they are being manipulated to use a website.  Match does this all the time.  But one positive thing Match does do, is that it gives out paid memberships cheap through Groupon and LivingSocial.  IMO that's a good idea.  Because that brings in income from those that normally wouldn't pay full price.  Some people are frugal...or you could call them cheap...I'm one of those people. 

Hey DAK- 


Designer or User....






All those drop downs under SEARCH, and the one to the right of search, were once laid out on the page where you could click on it...




A few drop downs is fine.... under each button even, but this is INSANITY!!!









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Quoting webmaster:

Did you see MM had a new look on Myaccount page, profile page and search pages since yesterday?


How do you think of the design? Is is easier for you to navigate? Any suggestions on this?




I will hit you here at 3 sides.... 


As a Wed Designer, as an advertiser, and as a participant here for 4 1/2 years. 




The entire site is TOO BUSY and is not what we call "USER FRIENDLY." 


And I count at least 47 pages!!! REALLY???? 


Many moons ago, they said GOOGLE would not make it, that YAHOO would shut them down before they ever got up. Fact is, 80% of users use GOOGLE today, and 50% of sites are pulled up via smart phones. 


WHY is google so popular? 



HOW is it user friendly? 

1) Despite the laughing about how going to an all white page with nothing on it would ever work--- 


People do NOT like confusion with having 15 things to read and be distracted with. They go to google for a purpose and it's SIMPLE!!! 


YOUR LANDING  PAGE IS FAR TOO DISTRACTING. I go to my "main page" only to check out 







When I want to "SEARCH,"  it needn't be mixed in when I want to view my email or change my profile. 


FURTHER- The site does not appear to be a well thought out responsive design. 


I could not get to the blogs on the old design and now it's worse. 

(For those not aware...responsive design is how a site views hopping from laptops, to desktops to cell phones and tablets, etc....)

I can't even find the blogs on my phone! 


And what's with this swipe left/right?

This isn't TENDER and all that does is attract those type people AND makes it easier to be bothered by scammers because now all they do is SWIPE YES AFTER YES, and these poor saps will think a woman is interested when she has just swiped yes again and again. 






HERE'S where you WANT to push the blogs!!




BLOGS should be advertised on the landing page. 

(For those unaware and for the purpose listed here.... The "landing page" is merely where you land when you type in the domain. IE: When building a website, a designer holds one page for the landing page. Say they have an online store.... but they also have an intro page. Well, do they want clients to land on their STORE IMMEDIATELY? Or the INTRO page that says, "Hello, here is what we are all about?" 


MM's LANDING PAGE (IMO) is wayyyyyy too busy. I feel like I am watching Pink Floyd's "THE WALL." I can't even pay mind to email or whatever because I see a big search area smack in the middle of the page with tons of junk when allI wanted to do was READ MY MAIL....


WAY TOO MANY SUB-NAVIGATION BUTTONS. They were better off as buttons with links on the side of the page. 









And quite seriously.... 

How do you think of the design? 


Is this truly MM? Or a scammer writing? Because that is the kind of poor English I tell people to look for. Scammers use improper verbs and misplace words. It needs to be corrected.  



BRAVO and I concur... (except I DO think non-paying members have a say as well) 



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Quoting Dolcedileche:

Good morning!


It seems MM is becoming more exclusive.  The main reason I enjoy this site is the gathering of folks who share valuable insight and information.  Without that it's just like every other site.


Just my thoughts.



MIne too.
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I realized a long time ago that this site was not going to produce anything for me in the romance department except mostly scammers that wanted to scam me however I did participate in the blogs and liked that you could see part of the latest blog posts which were included in the latest activities section. I think it was the activities section, it is already a vague memory.


The other disappointment is that users who do not pay can no longer read the chatroom remarks or get the chance to chat with someone one on one IF that subscribed person in the chatroom contacts you privately.


I have yet to look at the front page today so no comment on it. 

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1 year ago

I've been on the fence of whether to take the plunge and become a PREMIUM MEMBER since signing on here months now.  I'm weighing the ROI on this to the amount of interests to my profile.  I personally agree with everything you've stated without features that I couldn't experience, but understand if I did why they are important.


In the end, it's about the value and unique experiences that will make someone want to stay vs. leave.  Clearly, a feasibility with Premium members would be the wise thing to do.  Obviously, changing without improving leaves us all wanting....


Get with the program folks....or we just might....