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my mortal hell, an update since yesterday

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1 year ago
My girl friend was supposed to come with me to Vegas this weekend to work. I was really excited, seeing as how I normally travel alone, but try to stay with a friend. Well, after work, we got on the internet to check in online. Turns out, when we booked the flight, we booked hers on the wrong day. She needed to go a day early to get a sheriff's card and business license - you MUST have these in order to work at any club in Vegas. So now, I travel alone. Man this sucks!

I'm telling you, I am really having one hell of a week!

Oh, and to make matters worse. Anyone who read my short blog on "mean private callers". . .

I received calls from this person 3 days last week. I get another call yesterday. I was about to go to bed, much later than my usual bed time. Anyone who knows me, knows what hours I sleep, and should respect that. I get a call around 7:30 AGAIN! So, I pick up thinking this will be how I will get the 7:30 calls to stop.

I answer, "Hello?"

A man's voice whispers back, "Hi. What are you doing? Are you in bed?"

"No, I'm on the couch half asleep. Who is this?" I reply.

"You know who this is, Elizabeth, what are you wearing?" he continues.

I am a bit annoyed, but think it's probably a friend joking with me. "No, I don't know who this is. It came up as private. Who are you?"

"Who do you want it to be?" he replies in a suggestive manner. "Elizabeth . . . "

I am begining get scared now, and I respond, "I don't know, why don't you tell me who it is?"

"You know who this is, Elizabeth. What are you wearing?"

Now, I'm getting scared. Once again I ask, "WHO IS THIS?"

Again he says, "You know who this is. What are you wearing?"

Now I'm pissed off and scared so I hang up. I decide to call 911. But I can't, he keeps calling before I can get the numbers dialed.

Finally, I get long enough to dial 911. I talk to a dispatcher who immediately notifies the police to come to my house. I stay on the phone until the officer arrives, all the while checking every nook and cranny of my house with a butcher knife in hand.

The officer pulls up. We speak briefly about what is going on. He checks the outside of the house for a while, looking for any signs that someone had been there. All of my windows and doors were locked, there were no signs of an attempted break-in. He tells me there's nothing that they can do to trace the call, but I should try my cell phone company. Then, he leaves.

Grateful that it looks like the jesting of an unthoughtful friend, I call my cell phone company to see what I can do to trace the call. After a few minutes on the phone, I find out there's no way to trace the person unless the call is in progress.

Well, I did a little research of my own, and found out that immediately after the call, I should have dialed *57. That is the best way to try to trace a number. It only works on the last incoming call, but it works on most numbers.

At least I know for the future. Nevertheless, I'm frustrated, I didn't take this as a joke. And I hope that this person stops. I hope that no one is having a worse week than mine, cause I have to say, I'm exhausted. Too many negative emotions for one week! This weekend can't come soon enough! :) YAY for Vegas!