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in person no games

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Here's quick thought you lovely
The people back-and-forth over and over again text saying (yeah I like to get to know you ) and you don't really try to get to know that person. who are they actually?
So I'm being honest here in my blog its a way to see what I'm thinking. That's if you really want to get to know me , let's get to know each other there or in person explanation mark!!!!
And yes I wrote that out in case people didn't catch on You know talking to somebody with text and then losing interest is nothing like genuinely getting to know a person and genuinely letting a person know your not for the BS . Everyone Maynor want to see pics of your private area. They may not wanna know your freak side only ease that in over dinner and things that you both may have it in common lets start there other than that it feels like you're looking for just that type of relationship (sex only) and that's not this type of site your looking for someone to share love and life or you wouldn't be here correct?
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Mmm nice photos
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it do to me call me
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makes no sense what you wrote! 🤭😆