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gold diggers?

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I think this girl was trying to solicit herself she kept on sending me naked pictures and wild pictures and then we went on a date then she asked me for $200 to pay for her car insurance?
why can't I find an independent woman in Chicagoland?
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@BELLINTRA exactly!
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Haha. And what about your intentions and expectation by going on a date with someone who sends you nude pictures :)?
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i commented on this yesterday and they deleted my post🤔 i know you stage members and allow catfish to fill your page but damn ...the blogs aren't allowing freedom of speech.
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future with was willing to help me and my mentally ill daughter start a life together, so my life could have more meaning, I wouldn't be opposed. so it's different if it's offered. did she ASK?
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hmm. I personally am looking for someone that's willing to help me pay for college, a car and things, but was it a first date? I won't let anyone help me unless I have feelings for them. I feel like I'm taking advantage. but if someone I really see a