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everyone is so distant

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it seems to me that everybody in my life has turned their back on me people do multiple things that I could take a great offense to and I don't I choose to look past their mistakes and look at them trying harder. the first time I make one simple mistake they're ready to write me off. I think it's because I usually do my best to be my best and I put all of me into everything and the second that I'm not feeling it and a mistake happens I'm judge harsher than somebody else who doesn't strive to be the best. it's like at a job if you start going there and busting your ass right away that is what they expect you to do that and above for the rest of your time there if you go into that same job and you slack and act like a loser that's what they expect they don't expect nothing more so because you're busting your ass from the beginning they expect you to have a higher steam than the person who comes in as a slacker the person comes in that slacker always can improve dramatically the person who comes in busting their ass doesn't dramatically improve their steady worker therefore they look down upon because they don't improve dramatically there's no dramatic before and after, and that's just wrong.

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Cheer up. Please don't sweat the small stuff. Life is short so embrace each moment with love and kindness.
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I'm sorry you are having problems, but even a race horse knows you don't give it everything you've got right from the gate, I don't know know if your job is Belmont, but after keeping a steady pace, and not " busting ass"the winner bursts forth