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~~An Important Message~~

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1 year ago
Nice eyes Blue! Nice lips, jacket and tie too! :)
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I've always liked the saying, "I'm as old as my eyes and a little older than my teeth."

Aphrodite, here you go, here's a pic I took yesterday...

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ok everybody, show me your eyes.
PaulineMaria, I already know yours, nice to see them again!
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DoubleD, I'm right there with you.
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Good advice, even tho sometimes its easier to give it then follow it and we all lose track of what is really important once in a while.
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Many thanks to you for reminding me of struggling for my life of journey. I am working on a show right now that I will have to do the interview in English language with an outstanding British teacher here. I nearly wanted to give up this project. But I am glad that I found your this important message to encourage me just as always what I have strengths from your blogs. I'd like you to proofread my script of this program which will be on TV next week very much. Thank you in advance! ;)