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You've Got This

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It's the holidays and you find yourself alone Look at this site, there's plenty of us doing this solo
You can be sad, you can go blue, you can be angry, and say there's nothing to do.
You can think wider and change your view Look at your bio and see the awesomeness of you.
there's plenty to celebrate from outside to in
Scroll through some profiles hit a like, you might find a date or a friend.
This years been a tough one of that there's no doubt
If you're feeling down I'm here to help you out
though this year has been rough and these holidays could leave you feeling blue
you're not in it alone I felt that several times too
happiness isn't just what you are it's what you create
it's an action and an intention it's much more than just a state
for those of you who are alone and there is nothing you can do
just look around and you will find others need help too
a random act of kindness is simple hello, or how are you? is sometimes all it takes, it's all you have to do.
the simple words of recognition of noticing someone or them noticing you can bring about a bit of joy and sometimes save a life too
each of us have value and special things to share
though it may not seem, or you may not see there is someone for each of us who does and wants to care
you can get discouraged just don't despair
you're an amazing person and you have so much to share.

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yup so true and your to beautiful to be alone.