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Yes I Have A "Google Voice" Phone Number

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I am super honest about using an alternate number, and once I get a feeling for how a guy really is, he gets the real phone number. It’s usually on a first date, because I am a pretty good judge of character and I can usually tell after spending a few hours with a guy.

Once upon a time, I was naive and didn’t realize that there was anything wrong with giving a guy I met on Tinder my real phone number. Or Instagram handle, or full name. My very first Tinder date, I let the guy pick me up FROM MY HOUSE. Oh, how things have changed in the almost 5 years since I’ve been single again!

I would have never thought then about Why You Should Use a Google Voice Phone Number for Online Dating, but here we are! I was involved in a discussion with a girlfriend last night about a man she met online STALKING her after she decided not to see him again – they’d had an awful, very creepy first date. He really stalked her. I am not talking about lurking on her Instagram or creeping her Snapchat…it escalated to the point where she had to go to the local police station and file a report. Be safe out here dating, whether it's online or offline, and exercise your best judgment.
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I immediately sought, and now have, a Google ph #. Great advice. Keep 'em coming. This community is great for helping to weed out scammers and share insights to become smarter about online dating. Good luck all!!