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Word to the Wise...

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There is this wild new show on...hosted by a mature man...maybe in his 50's. Basically teaching the public in general, how to exploit vulnerable women on dating websites.

In a the past...players would lie to you; to get you in bed. Then disappear. Well they've upped their game ladies.

This dude, on this wild new shows teaches people how to lie to women to get them in bed. Further, pridefully displays himself going through all the motions of relationship, to pretend he serious about something long term. After he sleeps with the woman instead of dropping her like a bad habit...he provokes her to hate them, prompting the woman to leave on her own terms. This is called "Master Manipulation"

So here is the deal, ladies, no player is going to stick around very long if you are keeping your legs closed; until you know for certain that your love interest actually loves you.

Which means if you are playing for keeps and you don't wish to get your heart broke; make him earn your love, trust and affection. Through consistent behavoirs that honor your dignity, respect your feelings and make you feel sacred. If he is serious, he will wait until you are ready to have sex. So I encourage you to make him wait until you have established the kind of loving relationship you want. Which at minimum would take a minimum of a 3 months to a year. Just like any major project, that you build to last a lifetime.

Good luck sorting the wheat from the chaff.

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If ladies abort all the parasites that come from "men" like these, we win the long-term game. If ALL of us did not permit these men to exist, society could be fixed well within a century. If you don't think we should wait that long, ... a girl only needs a name.

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The role of a man is to make his women holy.