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Why lie on-line?

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1 year ago
Is it me or am I correct in thinking that people who lie on line are incredibly bizarre? I mean, isn't on line dating the best place to be the most honest? If someone is interested they will wink if not they won't. You cannot be hurt this way. This is your opportunity to be as honest as possible to show your picture and tell all the quirky things about yourself. I know of people who have posted someone else's picture, I mean come on! If your ugly who cares - because the person who contacts you obviously doesnt think so, or he/she is just as ugly as you. God gave Adam Eve and he has someone for everyone. If you like to travel say so if you are a total home-body then say so. Dont try to sound outgoing if your not, because it will bite you in the butt the first social event I take you to! If you say you like outdoors then I hope you do because girls the minute you pretend to enjoy camping or fishing and he says "here's your worm" and you gag, well, I think you just gave yourself away! As for what you see is what you get, well here in this on line gathering of soul mate searchees - what you read is what you should get.

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