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Warren Buffett has just resigned from Gates foundation

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In his speech about this resignation,

"That’s because I have relatively little income. My wealth remains almost entirely deployed in tax-paying businesses that I own through my Berkshire stockholdings, and Berkshire regularly reinvests earnings to further grow its output, employment and earnings. The income I receive from other assets allows me to live as I wish. My needs are simple; what made me happy at 40 makes me happy at 90," - Warren Buffett

Buffett's salary is only $100k. His partner Munger's salary is also $100k. Their real wealth gains are all over billions annually in form of stock capital appreciation which does not need to be reported. Jeff Bezos salary is only $80k.

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and you missed in charity giving. he saves 40% on each dollar gifted that is backed out of top line revenue. I do the same thing and tax shelters like aircraft through various companies I own. Never have all you eggs in 1 basket use a CPA