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1 year ago
Ya' know, I just don't get it!

I speak for myself as well as most women on this site.

I joined this site with good intentions and certain expectations... figuring that MOST men on this site (those who SAY they have a six figure income, putting them above the average SMO' JOE) would have a bit more respect, for not only the women they contact, but for themselves as well...

Fortunately, those men I have encountered are either MARRIED, want phone "whoopy", a one night fling or for someone to stroke their MANLY ego...SO, I can eliminate these types rather quickly.

And there are those who have it all, single, a lot to offer a woman (not only from a financial standpoint, but from a partner in life as well) but have no true meaning behind the words they say. Kinda like some people that send you a PERSONAL email. Later to find out that what he/she wrote was just ONE of many COPIES from word to word, sent to you and several others.

Now guys, come on, if you say you are going to call or write, what stops you from at least having the common decency to follow up on what you say. If you aren't interested in a woman that you may have went out on a date with, TELL HER! Don't lead her on to believe that she's something to you if she's really NOTHING!

What is so hard about communicating with one another!

Again, I speak for myself and ALOT of other women I have been in contact with and have the same outlook as I do.

I have no time for games, phone "whoopy", a one night fling, spontaneous meaningless travel or phonies!

And you thought I wouldn't have the GONADS to post this one!

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Perhaps you being a bit patient...I keep hearing horror stories here..from men and women....I am receiving great feed back...but I must confess I don't get back as well as I should..yet to my defense it can be a bit overwhelming..that and being busy...I do try to do the best I can..and it helps to focus on just those you feel may be of real potential..I tend to pay more attention to the more aggressive suitors or the ones who seem to take more time and effort to show their intentions to be serious not frivolous...

Erica Anne......