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Update A Cut and Paste Conversation with a Scammer

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•I believe this to be the same person as below...

WEIGGRAMSS 69, Man, Houston, TX, USA

Hello Jane, I am so sorry i didnt understand your question, By the way my name is Edvin and would be so delighted to read back from you, What is your full name ? How long have you been on the dating network and what kind of man sparks up your kind of interests ?

  • My Reply:
•I was asking you to supply more than one picture and to have the pictures verified (and to provide proof that you are a millionaire). You should also fill out your profile completely (too many “please ask me”). Just saying, because you come across like the Scammer You are! •PS: Does this (your) BS really work.•“By the way, what is your full name?” and Social Security number.

12/4/20 below:
  1. 1 Please note: when I asked if he could become a certified millionaire, I was being facetious.
  2. Perhaps, I should give him credit for having the balls for trying?
  • MRCUTEMAX 75, Man, IN, USA
  • LIKE He liked you! 22:30 Message me! 22:42 I'd like to get to know you better!

  • You sent a verification invitation to mrcutemax. Can you become a CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRE

  • 22:59 Hello beautiful sunshine 23:01 four zero two...

  • 23:02 Can you become a CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRE?

  • 23:02 You can texxxxxxxx meeee gorgeous Jane hope to hear from you l'm new in this computer stuff maybe you can help sweetie if you don't mind? l really do like to get to know more about you

  • 23:35 Why can't just talk on cellphone ?

  • 23:37 Why can't you just answer my question "Can you become a CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRE?"
  • Do you not understand English?

  • 23:38 Having problem with my card

  • 23:40 Do you think that I am stupid? I know that you are a scammer‼

  • The last reply:
  • Sorry, this person is no longer a member of Hopefully one day he / she will return!
  • I hope the hell not!
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plenty of that here....
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Support removed him as a scammer the same day