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Thoughts Anyone???

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1 year ago
Why did all of us create a profile on Millionaire Match? Just thinking. Why are we ALL here? We all know, signing up for a website, is a sort of reality check in all our lives. We aren't making our avail. options work so we try another. I recently ended a relationship & his last words made me aware that this website REALLY existed. Door slamming,"Join millionaire match, and find what you really want." I knew it wasn't true, but the words rang in my head for days. I am successful and?rich...only because of the blessings I have struggled, strived and worked hard for. I expect the highest expectations and settle for nothing less than the goals, morals and lifestyle that I have set for myself. I lead a good life, with a level head; I know who I am & whom I want to share that with. Overcoming his hurtful words of me caring for only money?. Where had I gone so wrong in choosing a suitable mate these days? When did I lose my ability to make good judgment on the company that I keep? Since I am who I am, maybe I am not able to conduct a healthy relationship with those who haven?t conquered their OWN goals? Him making me aware of Millionaire Match made me realizes what I already knew. In his mind, he couldn?t measure up to his own expectations. It had nothing to do with me. No one is ever proven, certified, silver or gold. I have been blessed with the important things, on top of my money. In real life, RICH can?t be verified on a website. My thought as I finished my profile...I am rich in self respect, I have a smile on my face and... Why am I NOT on a date??? & you???? What were you thinking??? I am headed out. :)