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This is scary

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1 year ago
I'm new so I'm checking out the "place" and I think I might just leave already. Is everyone uptight? Does eveyone lie? Eeeeeeeeeks!
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Just be careful because there are alot of men who are married and just looking for fun (I know there are sites JUST for that). But hopefully there are some honest ones here you just have to read between the lines.
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No sweetheart, not everyone lies, you just have to learn to walk the walk and talk the talk. Learn to see beyond the words and distinguish the true person you might be dealing with. Read between the lines, they are not all fabrication, as what they say might be true with a few omissions or a bit of embelishment Not everyone???s view is the same. And we learn to respect everyone's views. As long as you do not get caught in the middle of fire, no need to try and put it out what you did not start. You will never know what you may in fact find if you just quit. In fact, you might end up discovering somebody who knows you better than you know yourself, so before you close the door, ask - Who is knocking?, you might enjoy the company!