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Ladies..Is there a move you've made on this site that you wish you had done differently? Here's a corner to share lessons learned
My story: I was told I did not give him the benefit of the doubt. I switched to my Google Voice Phone (GVP) because I sensed disinterest on his part and shared that my cell was going to be changed. I thought he would understand - having a daughter and all - (26 or 22). My rationale for the phone change came from an abundance of caution, what I sensed as disinterest later learnt that he was processing the lost of a friend to COVID, new found knowledge about using a GVP, and most of all due to the scammers and fakes. He's ghosted me. I shared also that given this ecosystem, I don't believe I would act differently.
Was I wrong to switch phones? 🤔 Your thoughts☹
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That's what Scammers do. They will tell you they're offended by you not believing what they tell you, or you giving them what they're asking you for. They will play the roll of victim.
Good luck! Don't lose hope.
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Hugs! And it sounds like it is for the best. Communication was clearly eventually going to be a problem in the long run. I hope you find 'the one' soon! 💙