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The Five Stages Of Underwear In A Relationship

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By Kylie Orr

Nothing indicates the stage of a relationship better than the underwear we choose to wear while in it: our partnerships and levels of desire fluctuate over time, so – whether we are in plunging necklines or nude-coloured granny knickers – what is worn underneath can convey just where we are in our long-term unions.

As a former manager at Sydney plus-size lingerie store Brava Lingerie, Kathleen Agius agrees that underwear changes as our relationships develop.

"If it’s not comfortable or you’re wearing it simply to please someone else, I would advise you to think twice about the underwear and the other person.”

“We move from seamless and sexy to expertly fitted and enjoyable to wear, with everything in between,” she says.
So, what are the stages?

New lust

Those first invigorating months of a new relationship are like gulping water from a fire hydrant. Our desire to drink in this new person dominates our thoughts.
Once things gethot and heavy, we unleash our sexiest selves. It might not be feathered angel wings of a Victoria’s Secret model, but matching lace lingerie that lifts and pushes in all the right places, with peep holes that hint at what’s to come are likely to feature. Sexy, risqué, kinky: there are options for all tastes.
But wearing alluring underwear isn’t just for our partners. says Professor Carolyn Mair, author of The Psychology ofFashion.