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The 5 Senses: Touch

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Why is it that this sense is such a lost art form? The excitement and pleasure you can get from simply touching is amazing (no it doesn't have to be sexual), yet so many seem to forget to stop and enjoy how good it feels to just touch or be touched.

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mxtrovert you post on the blog often, I have to say, they are very entertaining posts.
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holy that second post is gold. an apt description of a emotionless hellscape of meaningless sexual pursuits. Pre Armageddon ploughing.
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no (man) believes in, and/or/nor wants, possibly knowing he himself just isn't strong enough to believe in himself as a loving success...but, that's just 1 Christian artist's opinion/perspective/painting...????
where are the love songs from 8/90's?
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no one believes in love, much less engaging in deep actions>touching...mans' gut feels how close we are to the 2nd coming, & are deliberately Not choosing righteousness=so Shoot 4panties, 0 emotion, race is on, who gets more before armageddon.