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Sweet Woman Seeks Lovable Man

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1 year ago
So I have tried a variety of dating sites and have met a few people. Many of them there not as sweet or as sincere as they said they where. It is rather disappointing, but I will not let it get me down. Now, I am on this site and figure I can meet a different type of person than one who would be on or yahoo singels. (They are often just looking for a fling).

Only to my siaappointment so far, many of the men don't seem to be interested and I can't figure out why. Do they not like my picture or the way I look? There is more to a person than looks. What about intellect? Goals?

I'll admit I am a little on the heavy side. Ok more than a little, but I exersize daily, eat healthy, have a great career and I have a big heart. I guess that is not enough. If I switch companies I good be wealthy but, there is something to be said for a job you love, where the your boss is relaxed and the poeple are great. I love my stress free totally relaxed job.

I bet you anything if I said i was rich (though I am not) I would have all these men into me. I guess for men Money can override looks and looks can override what's inside. I know from expierence, someone you may not be physically attracted to at first can become the most beautiful person in the world if what is inside is steller and the most gourgous woman in the world can become the ugliest person in the world because their personallity is ugly.

I would just like for people to start looking beyound the outside and see deep within.