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Honestly looking for tips on becoming more successful! I'm currently bored with the company I work for now and I need more stimulation! I have a passion for a daily challenge! I love to learn new things!
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Here are my suggestions, in no particular order:

  • Define what success really means to you.
  • Realize that as you evolve and discover as a person and as you celebrate new birthdays your definition of success WILL change. More aptly, your intuition and awareness of what makes you happy and engaged sharpens. Be flexible in your re-definitions but try to identify foundational elements that work, no matter what. Keep them.
  • A life balance is not fixed i.e. 50% work 50% play. It varies by the year, the month, the week, the day. Seek out those opportunities that can accommodate life's unplanned vulnerabilities without introducing excessive stress. If you decide to work for a corporation, diving deep into that corporations culture and employee support policies can help.
  • I personally walked away from a 30 year corporate career. Sitting on a board, working with other executives, explaining strategies that others could not grasp was just not doing it for me. So, I now trade stocks as an individual investor. There are good days and rough days but I am happy, having fun, and have tons of time to focus on others interests i.e. keeping life interesting.
  • I would add "be fearless in your pursuits" but younger generations are by their nature fearless.

Good luck in your search. The fact that you recognize more is possible is a great first step to finding what you want to do next.



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Hard to recommend anything when I don't know what you currently do
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Thats easy.find a beach.and just retire! Moneycareer&job.not everything.use the time to find real love&a soul mate.good luck! With it