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Soooo I must ask......

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Sooooo I must ask.....why so many Millionaire men (and possibly women) winking and wanting to talk but not willing to join the site. .....What? You want me to join? Well.....I'm not the Millionaire. :)
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Lots of the scammers are “PREMIUM MEMBERS” with one picture. When they wink, ask them to upload more pictures and see how fast they are no longer available!

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I agree. From August 26th to October 6th, I received 27 Winks and then - Sorry, this member's profile can no longer be found… Usually, young men 23 to 57 with (only one picture) hoping to score. Hopefully, MM is catching and removing their profiles, realizing that they are scammers. Unruffled, we mature ladies are wise to the fake profiles!

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The online dating sites these days are filled with people who want to make a quick buck. Winks abound from fake profiles that become "unavailable" in just a few days. Even millionaires don't throw money away.
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