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1 year ago
If i dont stop sneezing, i am going to have some real issues with my nose!!
My allergies have been full force ever since i moved to Queensland.
Anyone got any ideas on how to stop it without antihistemiens?
They make me way to tired.

(moving is not an option lol)

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1 year ago
NC--Thankyou so much for the tip on the mould! It didnt even occur to me!
My dishwasher was leaking a few months back, and it turns out it had been leaking since before i moved in.
My idiot real estate agents sent someone to fix it, but that was 10 weeks agao, and it still isnt done.
Im also pretty sure the shower walls are leaking! (i know, my place is falling apart! LOL, but its great to look at!! )
I will be ringing the real estate first thing in the morning.
Thanks so much!! x0x0x0x0x0x
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Please go get some Clariton. It should be available over-the-counter there. Hope this helps a little. You may also want to ensure that there isn't any mold hiding in any of your new walls. I had that happen in a military housing unit. I cried and sneezed for months until we found the problem.

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