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Signs of Low Value Men

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#1. He Has Low Emotional Intelligence (AKA: “He Doesn't Get it”)

#2. He Has No Drive & Purpose.

#3. Big Ego (With No Matching Skills)

#4. Doesn't Care About Much At All.

#5. He is A Submissive Pushover.

#6. Neediness Around Women.

#7. Lacks Internal References: Others Control His Self-Esteem & Behavior

#8. Believes There Is Little He Can Do About Anything.

#9.He Can’t tolerate you saying ‘no’ to him.

#10.He puts you down.

#11. He is very concerned about his image.

Low value men examples…

Don’t fall for the image, look deeper.

#12. He always chooses friends who are bottom of the crop.

#13.He can’t stand feeling “inferior” to other men.

#14.He is quick to criticize other men AND women

#15. He is stingy, not just to you, but to other people as well.

This isn’t just about money!

#16.More than once, you feel physically ill at the thought of sleeping with him.
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July 2
I Appreciate that
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The last one on the list is hilarious. Had me Lol-ing