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She knows!

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1 year ago
She is here before me, and yet I have not seen her face to face. Her words like a triphammer driving their depth and meaning beyond my simple mind, with a perspective that pierces my very soul. Yet I have not heard her voice. Laughing with me and never at me she knows who she is. I can sense her mischevious smile dancing on her lips. Because of her I can never be that which I once was. Forever changed my hunger for life's little lesson's is now unquenchable. I honor you my love for no one else has caused me pause and challenged me on my views of life. Thank you for reafirming some of my beliefs and bring new perspective to others. Dance with me in the sea of uncondional love and friendship.
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Cheap talk?

Heh no offence but unless you've got something else to offer not many will take the cookie or even melt about it :)
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Your young and you have time to find the most incredible woman. That is a beautiful commentary!
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Very nice!