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Seeking compatibility with lots of sparks

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1 year ago
I thought I'd keep my profile typical and use this blog to get something off of my chest.

After my divorce, I put a profile on lots of dating sites, including this one. The more exposure, the greater chance of success, right?

Contrary to what the name of this site may imply, I do not consider wealth the ultimate standard of success.

I'm sure there are many women on here with one purpose...find a wealthy husband. Well, I've had one. He wasn't a millionaire but we lived very comfortably. There were, however, no sparks, no passion, just a lot of compatibility. Needless to say, it didn't work without those essential ingredients.

I can admit there is a lifestyle I prefer. Vacations, spa treatments, extravagant holidays, stilletos...but a)those things are empty without the right person to share them with and b)I do not expect anyone to provide that lifestyle for me.

I'm currently enrolled full-time at LSU. I'm that freak known as the 30-year-old freshman. Even crazier, I'm premed. Being able to provide the "lagniappe" (extra) of life is half of the reason I chose this path. (Intrigue and stupidity made up the other half. haha)

So I'd really rather not know how much you make or what kind of vehicle you drive. What I'd like to know is are we compatible and is there chemistry?

All the money in the world can't buy those two things.
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1 year ago
having been married one myself, and now divorced, I agree that the chemistry and compatibility between two people are the essential ingredients. I drive a VW Jetta. I know, you asked not to talk about cars. But, my point is that it is a practical car -- great for city driving. What I am interested in are less tangible qualities of personality. I would never spend a lot of money on a car. But on a trip to Paris with the right woman, all the money in the world -- James