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Scam of the week

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Gentlemen...How to spot a fake profile...other than the obvious lies and inconsistencies

- user says they reside in USA but assigned overseas as medical nurse
- looks like even one pull up would be a problem
-broken dialect
-kings english
-piss poor grammar
-excuses for no video chat, cant sent pix

MM this is for you really not my dating brethren. Get your act together and police the scammers please.
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September 11 Total posts: 2

That's great! Two down 8 to go. I'd like to continue to give this site a try.

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September 5
Now I have an accent because I speak 5 languages yet I am a US citizen... will I be mistaken for a fake? Keep an open mind
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The issue becomes who is responsible for making good choices? This is the first time I have used a dating site. My sister suggested that I try MM as she was worried that I would get scammed. I did! I take responsibility for that.
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Hi! Happy to see a real profile! Would you like to chat?
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Ladies too. Men are doing it as well. I have had 2 in 3 days. 😂 was law enforcement in my younger years. I know how to spot it and reverse Google search.
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Almost nothing worse than horrible grammar and weak dialect coming from someone posing as someone who they're not!
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August 31
I am having the same issue with the opposite sex
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Most scammers start a sentence with AM instead of I, will instead of would (I will like to know you) and their messages to you will be totally different than the language they used on profile since most are cut and paste. We try our best to remove these scum of the earth but they are like rabbits and multiply. All dating sites have scammers but with a name like ours we tend to get more.

If you report (and we remove) 10 scammers in a month you get a free month membership. Report all scammers to support team so they can keep tabs. If you are not sure you are talking to a scammer I am always available to help.

Happy blogging people.....stay healthy and safe.

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Wow. I had no idea. Lol I'm real, but I still can't do a pull up.
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I wrote a blog on this a few years ago. Not sure why MM allows these fakes to set up these obvious fake profiles. Any profile with one or two pics is fake. They state they just joined and are waiting to upload more pics. and fakes are widowed. Lie!