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1 year ago
A big warm HELLO to you all
And thank you for taking the trouble to read my little blog, and yes I suppose I am a sort of troll
I have watched from a far and I believe I represent the silent majority of "Blog readers" when I say....

Be nice to your fellow bloggers or SHUT UP !!!!

We've had enough. There are hundreds of us who read the postings of the few who actually blog, and we enjoy the fun and the humor and yes, dare I say some of the differences of opinion can even be fun and guess what.
We would love to get involved and post our own blogs or comment...BUT
Most are too scared to enter the lions den for fear of having their head bitten off.
I've just taken out a second membership to see if I can encourage a few more would be bloggers to come here for some fun, yes I said FUN
But we need to stop all this nonsense first
SO.....Unless you have something funny or informative to say
Shhhhhhh.....I said .....Shhhhhhh
In a day or so I will post a new blog that will be for "Virgin bloggers" only, an opportunity to dip a toe in the waters of blogland
It would be wonderful if you could ALL help me to welcome them
Yes my friends, all you silent ones reading this, this will be your big chance to say "HELLO" to the world of blogging
I'm soooo excited, and I bet you can hardly wait
Now remember Mr Blogger is watching over you
So please try to be very good from now on
Happy Blogging to you, one and all xxx
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1 year ago
Hi MrBlogger,

Thank you so much for helping to make Blogland a better place for those of us to join!

You are way cool!!

Mark :)
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Hello Mr. Blogger,
As a matter of fact Sir, the slipper fit just perfectly. Just as perfectly as a teddy bear in the arms of a sleeping child. (or adult)SMILE!
Even if you are a troll, you are a really sweet one and that makes it ok.
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MrB - I have been dancing around Disneyland all day without you! One of my children graduated Jedi school today and the other one finally went on "It's a small world", after trying several times in the past!! It was a good day!! And I will put the whip cream down but I can't promise that Kari won't pick it up!! Muah
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1 year ago
Jeromme bienvenu, avec votre accent francis sexy vous n'avez besoin d'aucune introduction !!
(Wow...Bet you didn't know I could speak french !!..
Then again I'll have to ask Jeromme
Maybe I can't, I wonder what I just said?)

Hello Foxfire
When I see happy smiles in blogland...
then I'm always smiling

Oh....Princess...I like it when you bump me !!!!

Hello Bambi
Sorry to have kept you waiting for your dance I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long.......
I have been practicing, so your pretty little toes will be quite safe with me.........I hope !!! must promise to put the cream down first
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MrBlogger it's so nice to see some sunshine!!! But one question will you dance with me and promise NOT to step on my cute lil toes??? Muah
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Hello MrBlogger!
How refreshing to see the likes of you.
Keep smiling!
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Salut Monsieur Blogger

Your reply have made me laugh. Monsieur can I assist you ? When you are hiding in the corner, if someone knocks on this blog I will gallantly open it for you. There I will help protect you monsieur , in exchange you can intoduce me to the beautiful women on this blog.

A bientot'

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1 year ago
Oh dear...that was quite a storm we all had here at bolgland. I'm glad to see it seems to have calmed down now...I hope !!!

But the good news is
We have another first time blogger...

Please make her feel extra welcome...
If the fighting carries on like this we might need all the nurses we can get !
"Happy blogging"

and Princess..your most welcome x
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OOOHHHH, Gee Mr. B, Thank You I needed that beautiful Rose, symbol of Love and Passion!!!

This is truly what Im looking for!!!, Love ya' you gentle Soul!!, Princess KARI
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1 year ago
Hello miss "T" so nice of you to come by
a very special welcome to you
You know I would dearly love a hug from you
But what I really want to know is .....
Does the glass slipper fit ??
Cause if it know what that means !!

Hello MorningAngel
Everyone is having a wonderful time,
Now you stay as long as you want, you know your more than welcome

"Happy Blogging" to everyone !!!
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I hear that there are hugs being handed out around here and since you found my glass slipper...well, I owe you one.

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1 year ago

Hmmm....Maybe I should have said give each other a big hug !

But I would love nothing better than to give you a "humongous" hug wonderful princess you....

and here's a little extra something

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OK Mr. B, I will give myself a Hug (how Im going to do that I have no idea!!!, lol), But I want a "humongous" one from you!!!
Kisses & Hugs, KARI
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Then dance we will MrBlogger. You lead and I'll follow.
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1 year ago
Hello again all
A giant thank you to all those that responded to one of our new bloggers *weesue* she had over 430 views in one day on her very first blog and everyone was so nice to her

You have restored my faith in Blogland.
Give yourself a big hug !!!

Thank you.....thank you

Now all you silent ones
You see you can have a warm welcome here at the blogs
Remember I'm going to post a special blog soon just for you to say hello to everyone here
It'll be your first know you want to !!!
"Happy blogging"
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Louie, is that you ?
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1 year ago
Hey blogman, can i drive the bus
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1 year ago
Hello Arci
Welcome, and yes I'd love to dance with you,
I'm not sure I can do what that mans doing in your picture, I'm not as fit as I was you know, Please be gentle with me !