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Hello everyone, i was seriously dating a guy here for 9 months. We talked and plan for future a lot. Few days ago, i found out his account still active. I didn't ask questions, just said that i am disappointed about him and we are done. He swore that he took the account down long time ago already and didn't know why it is still active. His account is premium. Few months after we was dating, i saw him block me( mine is hidden) few days ago his account wasn't block mine. He kept saying that he didn't know why it reactive. Is he lying and player?
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Should post his pic lol
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I thinks you shouldn't date a man for loyalty or you will be disappointed.

Is him a good partner?. Is him treating you how you expect?. If it is not move on.
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he ís a premium. He said he paid for one year membership. He was used to block me and this time he is not. He chat to other women here the next day we broke up but also talking to me that want me back and have a family with me. He said he loved me a lot. But the very next day he looking for someone here
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Hmmm difficult what to think... I mostly listen to my "gut feeling".
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December 12
I would think he is, but dont know details of your relationship. i can see him forgetting maybe if he wasn't a premium member, but thats a good cost not to want to get rid of if you found someone.