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Need a gentleman!!!

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Where are the real, honest, respectful, kind, dedicated and nice gentlemen on this dating site???
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February 17 Total posts: 19

Call? Who?

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Only truly being able to speak to each other and hear the voice, and see eyes if possible can true sparks ignite, im really a bit old fashion but progressive as well, my core belief is the female of our species is superior half, history has proven when we worship the feminie divine the world had peace and abundants then man became intimidated as if his manhood was in danger and wars and famine and he used every angle to supress the females, why do women have to walk behind or cover themselves, only by mans shame are they , the women is the glory of her man, you make us look good, for me pleasing my Queen has always been priority but obviously not appreciated after 23yrs, its sad that loyalty means little these days but all demand it especially those demanding it, love is a decision not a feeling, but ignites deep emotion once decided, i am an open book for a Queen that could love me for who I am as a being, I am strange and a very eclectic person, humors to a fault, I see the good in people and been blind to the opposite, and at this moment i have been unable to upgrade on this site but things have been turning around for me in Little Rock despite the pandemic, Im a sculptor " Custom sculptures,signs and more" Ive somehow got on Google, Google maps and earth by adding my sculptures along the roadside and my sign, people enjoy it and honk or stop and take pictures it make me feel good that I brightened their day, im sorry Im not able to chat but you seem a very intelligent lady ive left clues and will answer a block number just to hear your voice, ive had the million dollar home on a hill and I had nothing, I can be content and convident in any situation its nothing to regain materials but real heart ,mind and soul love from someone as I have given to be reciprocated maybe a miracle,nobody can predict anything with much certainty,I cant promise anything but honesty,dedication and devotion of love that is more rare than the most rare element,call E 0 A E A E D 0 F I
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In the U.S. there are 4 women for every man. It stands to reason on MM for every guy there's 4+ women. You can increase that because MM automatically puts profiles in front of him.

I think women make the good guys jump through to many hoops. That discourages good guys when they seem to have to pay the price for what all the bad boys do to the ladies. A good guy will move on more quickly than the bad boys. But, I understand why most women, not all, make it hard on the guys because of what they've experienced.

We all have to find that happy medium where both feel some what safe and comfortable to communicate in order to learn about each other so a relationship can have a chance to develop.

I feel the benefit of these dating sites is it's safer because we can do a lot of messaging and emailing initially to learn as much as possible before meeting in person.

I also feel that during the initial messaging/email period if either feels we wouldn't be good for each other that you should politely let them know. Don't just go dark. Be respectful and tell them why you feel that way. I have done that several times since starting my search. I get holiday greetings from them, as well as, to keep up the search for that special person to come into my life.

Good luck in your search. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Be Happy.
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Did you call?
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December 14 Total posts: 19
After trying several other dating sites, I was hoping to find a "quality gentleman" here, but.......Anyway good luck 😉
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I haven't found any yet. A bit disappointing. I'm staying positive, for now.