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Hi all, Thoughts on a woman having male friends, is this ok? Is it acceptable to have male co-workers that are friends?

( These males are co-workers that are currently in relationships themselves already- either happily married or long term girlfriend live in status. )

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Well if you can't trust her to have male friends she works with then you probably can't trust her at all.
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I thought I was friends with this hot coworker, BUT, it turned out to be so much more...friends with benefits for 10 years! We're still friends, but the benefits are gone as I moved 1900 moles away.
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I agree a co-worker is someone you'd less likely need to worry about for sure. I would like to have male friends but they usually have motives so outside of work all of my male friends are homosexual
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It's fine if women have male friends. They usually have one good male friend that they will mention. Co worker male friends I wouldn't worry about most women don't like to mess with someone they work with.