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MY LACK...of knowing women

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It appears to me that you are seeking a female version of your self and it is highly unlikely that you will ever find her.

The meaning of love is this: To honor and respect another person, for exactly who they accept ALL of the good and ALL of the bad and STILL, honor and respect them.

Every woman in this world is unique and wants to be treated as such. Take the time to get to know
every minute detail, good and bad, and honor us, for exactly who we are.

It is easy to love those most like us, and the most difficult to accept what we despise in others, but it can be done.

You are intolerant of those unlike your self and I believe you will be alone, until you change. JMHO.
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Pauline is correct. And you should heed her advise.

We ALL Want certain things VL. In a perfect world. But those things seldom exist inside one person and I think your expectations are a bit out of line with your reality.

Once you realise that you are very much out of step with most normal people, you should adjust your search parameters.

WHY arent you looking for companionship on sites that are more inline with your principles ?
That would make sense.

About "peace". individuals, I think its safe to say that most human beings would prefer a peaceful existence. but within the realities of the planet as a whole,,many many groups want only death to everyone who isnt the same as they are.
And withthe climate shifts that will happen,,this is only going to get worse as the fight for scarce resources begins in earnest. It wont be pretty.
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Vl it is highly unlikey that you will find such a person on this site,,so why are you here ?

The vast majority of people dont buy into your views or lifestyle.
being humane is a lofty goal.
But you awant a puppet, a reflection, a "student" to train and mold into your perfect vision of "womanhood".

You are in the wrong venue to acheive that.
If anything,,this site could be called "Anti- VL"
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teen age boys give such gifts because its all they can afford.

I was, in fact, given a primary wing feather of a Golden Eagle for my work in a major wildlife rescue and rehab organization.They had a permit to have the feathers and I had a permit to receive one.

Perhaps you are not is ILLEGAL to buy/sell/aquire OR OWN
feathers from most wild birds.

Just a small point. I found that out when I made a life size ceramic scuplture of a Shaman...and used some feathers I had found while hiking in the Sierras in its making. I had to remove them before I put the pices up for sale.

The feather I received meant was a token for all the sacfrice and hard work I had done as a volunteer.

A feather some guy picks up off the ground from some randon bird " because its pretty" is not much of a present.

You are asking us what WE think about you. I think giving feathers as a gift ususally means a man is to broke/cheap/clueless.
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VL, if the key word is judgment you should probably spell it correctly.

Ironically, I think it is your jugmental nature that people react to strongly. For example, your implicit comment that it is inhumane to domesticate a pet ignores the fact that wild cats and dogs have far shorter life spans and arguably lower quality of life. I am the faculty advisor for the Student Animal Defense League at the law schools where I teach and I assure you, the hard work of these students on behalf of animals, including those who live with pets, is very humane.

I have yet to meet a woman who hates to receive flowers because it is herbacide but I highly suggest that the next time you run into a woman like that, you should pursue a relationship with her, sounds like you'd get along great!
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To defy your control issues I've decided to contribute here as well as your "HEY GUYS" blog. As I said there, it seems apparent you are inextricably obsessed with yourself and the truth is that selflessness is the key to a successful relationship so I fear for your prospects. You might want to get a dog.
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you are just clueless...and seem fated to remain so.

Each person IS different No book willever change that.

stop shoving stupid "gifts" like feathers . Unless its a primary wing feather from an Eagle..
its a "gift " a teen boy gives.

Snoring is NOT a habit. Its a physical repsonse to a physical irritant,,either internal or external.

PLUS you could have simply gotten some silicon earplugs. They work very well and yo would not have heard her.
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i didnt come to the blog to read an essay.

MY point is that since you have read SO much..

STOP reading and concentrate on doing.

Sex is not primarily a cerebral act.
It is an instinctive act.
You cant use logic to define that which is inherently illogical.

STOP analysisng it and let your own feelings run the show.

At this point,,you are thinking TOO MUCH.

it really is not that difficult of a subject.
All women are different,,all men are different.

If you are happy with one, stay and investigate. If you are not happy, don't go back.

Personally, you would drive me crazy with way too much "figuring out"

Sex isnt supposed to be a classroom...its supposed to be fun and pleasureable.
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1 year ago
Went back over to the HEY GUYS and didn't realize that it actually truly meant ALL GUYS. I dislike segregation immensely. I actually think I'm offended.

So, here's the advice. Don't offend.
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Candy... VL...

Those phony, scheming women that don't like you Candy, because you're beautiful... are the same ones that won't like you VL, because you're not rich...

Those are descendants of Eve...
ask JMF about them...

The descendants of Mary, will comfort, and not cause pain...

Father Time... will tell you~
~ Who they are... ~ ; )
*Candy, I'd change your username~
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les,,you are approaching this from an inappropriate angle.

You can read all you want to,,but you will not learn it, until you DO IT.

and women are ALL different so what works for one may not work for another.

Its like reading a camping/survival guide on how to start a fire using only sticks or some sort of friction generator....reading about it and doing it are two entirely different things.

WHAT IS your "goal" anyway ?
Because learning about "women" in general is just that...general.
It may not and probably will not, apply to any one specific woman.

What I can tell you from a passionate erotic female viewpoint...
sex should be FUN.Its should be pleasureable without having to give endless "instruction"
HAving some guy always pleading to "know about me" would drive me crazy.

JUST BE a man already. Be confident..disconnect your brain and turn up the heat.Stop worrying so much,,its a major turn off. CONFIDENCE IS sexy.
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there is an old saying cant catch fish unless you go to the water.

Meaning,,with your very limited appeal and huge list of unconventional need to concentrate on places where youare most likely to encounter those simialr to yourself...

breatharian sites, Urantia Book sites ( send Kerry Livengren my way)
Unicorn sites, or ANY site dedicated to the less "explored" topics you find so important.

Your time on this planet is finite.
The time you have to find a suitable lover is also finite.
Wasted effort yeilds no results.

Metaphoroically, you are casting your line in the street, not the river.
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Hi again.

Why don't you just step back and take that deep breath of cleansing air.. slowly release..

Don't jump out of the kettle and back into the fire..after a dissapointment..

YOu do have good qualities deep down some where.. Don't be so loud that you don't hear them or see them..

Yes we have stood toe to toe on some things.... I still care.

expand your horizon.. don't limit yourself to just one area of women..
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three percent of the general population of this planet will be looking for a person like you.
Considering the total population in in the Billions,,,that means a few people at least.
So I de suggest you stop wasting your limited time of earth and go look for them where they are likely to be.
ANd its not here.
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There's really nothing you need to 'figure out'. Try as you might to understand how a woman thinks, feels, etc. you can NEVER get to that place because you are a man. It's like telling a blind man that his eyes are as blue as the sky. He understands what the sky is but will never grasp what 'blue' is.

Women aren't drawn to men because they have us all figured out. We KNOW he has no clue. We're drawn to a smile, outgoing personalities, someone that knows how to laugh at himself and along with others. We don't like feeling smothered, and we don't like guilt trips. Women like romance and 'thinking of you' surprises. We like men with back bones, who can share how they feel without being sappy, or boyish. We want to be the center of your attention NOT the obsession.

Someone that puts common sense to rest once in a while and does something out of the ordinary. He leaves his ego at home and doesn't share endless stories about how he's been wronged by women in his past. As for sex..... when the chemistry is truly there, you'll never need to figure out if your pleasing her because it'll show in her actions. Women don't like know-it-all's, or men that no nothing at all. Get on the good side of her family and friends because we usually trust their judgment. We don't like first dates that are plagued with heavy conversation, too many personal questions, or constant questions (like a job interview). We don't like being asked out and the man hasn't made any plans but plans to 'wing it'. Don't be cheap, don't use 2 for 1 coupons, and don't point out how much you've spent as the date evolves.

HMMMMMM, what else..... Oh chances are if you bring up your firm belief in the Urantia book, and then explain how alien beings wrote it by channeling through a man in a coma.... chances are if she doesn't get up and leave immediately, you'll never have another date with her. You might be too deep into that crap to see it for what it is to most of us. Chances of finding a woman who also believes in that crap are going to be very slim odds. So keep that in mind when putting your cards on the table. 95% are going to think your a nut job and say see ya.
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Les, when you first got here you had some real issues. I'm not sure if it was a dislike of women or if it was truly a lack of communication skills but you seem to have grown a lot in the year you have been here.

The normal human woman is usually an enigma even to herself. We enjoy looking pretty but don't want to be thought of as just a pretty face. We want men to want us but feel threatened when they do as if that is all they want from us.

We were raised on fairy tales and happily ever after. Only the fairy tales stop at "I love you, will you marry me." So we are a little confused as to what we are supposed to do after that when the fairy tale ends and we are dealing with another human with feelings and needs that they can explain no better than we can explain ours.

In the end you just have to deal with each person you meet as an individual and respect their right to feel what they feel and accept them for who they are. Don't try to change them because change comes from within and they must want it and find themselves. Don't try to rule them because freedom is sacred to the human heart and they will rebel. Don't worship them because they will come to expect it no matter their actions and be angry and disappointed when you cannot continue in the face of unacceptable behavior.

These things are true no matter the gender, age, race, religion, creed, sexual preferance or nation origin. Humans only want to be accepted and loved for who they are.
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Just a quick question for you VL. How do you think you are doing with the GUYS????????

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