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Lost in Interpretation!

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So I recently lost an online penpal friend due to a misunderstanding. Our interaction was never in person, video chat, or on the phone. It was all in writing. My heart aches, but I will survive. So if you're ever in a situation like this, please keep in mind when communicating with another person that 7% of the information is gleaned from the word itself, whereas 93% of the information is nonverbal. That component includes body language 55% and tone of voice 38%. The point is that 93 % of conversations are nonverbal. These numbers may vary depending on the source. This is the downside of social media or just emailing. 

So if you're ever feeling defensive due to someone's writing directed at you (like an email), please keep in mind that there might be a misunderstanding, give them the benefit of the doubt, do not be impulsive, and say something that you might regret later; at the very least talk over the phone. It is better to video chat or meet in person. With the hope that things can be fixed or clarify.

I have a wonderful friend that is the best about this. If she feels offended, she will let me know, and she has always let me clarify, let me fess up and apologize, and the friendship has lasted for a long time.

So if I ever write to you directly and are offended, confused, and so on, please ask for clarification.

Life is way too short to hold grudges.