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Lighting Up Hanukkah!

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December 2
Celebrating with family is always an adventure. Once my brothers decided to take over the kitchen (all eight days) to make festive Hanukkah dishes. First night it was the potatoes pancakes (latkas). Please understand ... my brothers are two brawny He MAN bushcraft types. This idea had me and my sisters a bit nervous, but we agreed to let them. We set the table, decorated, served and had clean up duty afterwards each night. We used a white and blue fresh linen tablecloths speckled with colorful wooden driedels, matching Dresden plates with blue crystal glassware. Silver and golden gelt chocolate coins were scattered among the fresh pine boughs. White candles with paisley blue trimmings. About that time, there were disturbing noises, smoke and burnt smells coming out of the kitchen. I was thinking my brothers would likely give us burnt offering like the priest of ancient days, but all sisters quickly rock, paper, scissored to chose who had to take a fire extinguisher in ((to check any damage for safety reasons). I was the loser. Now, how my brothers managed to burn a dish towel, and a couple of eyebrows off ... was a true mystery. I turned on the smoke exhaust fan (cause the fire alarmed was beeping). We opened windows and doors to fan out the smoke among laughter and music turned up to overpower the annoying alarm. When vision was restored we surveyed the wreckage, I had to use makeup on what hair was left on one of my brother's eyebrows. Then we regrouped to clean the smoky soot off the stoveback, walls and ceiling to find Mom's cookbook. The edges we burnt too! I was sworn to secrecy on threats of bodily harm, however; my older brothers made the best latkes we ever tasted that year! Apple sauce and sour cream on top as we liked. The other seven nights each sister helped with recipes of many other Hanukkah dishes (Brisket, Tizzmes, Sufganiyot, Rugelach, Kugel, Malabi and Feta-Stuffed Kibbeh with Harissa). We lit candles in true joyful celebrations (nobody died, the house didn't burn down and only minimal damage). I kept my promise never to tell others, but we hid secret smiles after cleaning up the mess they left behind each culinary night's success. It was so worth all our efforts! And that turned out to be my VERY favorite Hanukkah story ... when my older brothers learned how to cook!

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