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1 year ago
Newsflash people...if anyone is lying about themselves (income, have/want kids, age, picture, etc.) on their profile, the person they seek out & hook up with WILL eventually find out about it. Then only a fool would stay with that person. So you are wasting your time attacking each other...
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It's not just people online who lie about their marital status, have/want kids, age, financial background, etc. Those liars are everywhere.

The person who stays with them do for their own reasons. I am guessing you mean a person who stays after they have found out they are being lied to about the situation. If so, that's their choice. Every single person has to live their own life. It's not a decision I would make, but that's my choice just like it's the person whom was lied to choice to stay in the relationship.

We can't control what others do and if we let what other do cause us needless stress, then it's our own fault for digging into other people's lives.
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Dear Kimii,

I love your use of the word ascerbic and hope that love finds you now that you've given up looking for it. You're obviously very pretty and from our conversations, you seem like a well grounded, intelligent, sincere and ethical woman. You'll have a lifetime of happy stories to share before you know it!