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Lets share birth stories!

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1 year ago
LOL---anyone interested?? I am!!
I was in labour for 12 hours. I was induced 3 weeks early because of high blood pressure and some other problems.
I had painkillers, and near the end i was made to have an epidural, because i was to tense to dialate. 20 mins after the epi, i had Patrick!
He was 6 pound 15 ounces, and he hardly made a sound. I only needed three internal stitches.
He was beautiful right from the beginning. Not all squished up and red and wrinkly. His nose was flat...but thats the coconut in him LOL.
I breastfed for two days, but he didnt take to it, and i didnt like it, so we went with bottles.
We were in hospital 5 days.
After two days, he discovered he had lungs. That was a shock. LOL
I have it all on video tape. My sister filmed it!
Now, he is nearly three! He will be three on thursday!
I cant believe how fast it has gone!
My beautiful baby boy is now my gorgeous little man!

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My first..was traumatic..being very young one but my ex's mother was there...I remember I was so terrified..I was yelling and screaming...the nurse walks in and says shut are waking the whole hospital up....I screamed back at her...I am in pain..and I will scream a loud and as much as I damn will want too...they gave me a knocked me out...I woke up the next day ..I remember no pillow under my head...and my right hand was lying across my stomach...I thought I was still pregnant..I began to get up and someone's finger pressed upon my fore head...they said..lie still do not I did as was told..when I did come out of it..I was sitting up in bed waiting on the baby...I still had not adjusted to having her...they brought this infant to me..handed her over and said this is your baby....I held her and then leaned her head and back against my raised thighs and legs...I looked at her..and she looked dark too dark..way too dark and she was hairy...very hairy..way too hairy...why I thought to myself..she looks like a baby gorilla....she's not mine I thought...oh my God they have given me the wrong baby...they have mixed up the babies...this one can't be mine...I was scared..worried concerned...I felt that she could not possibly be mine..because I felt no I asked...and they said Why yes she is yours...see the arm bands they match...she belongs to you...I thought to myself ..someone switched the arm bands...but was told not possible..well I felt like someone had just given me a baby..I didn't feel connected or anything..I did not feel that bond everyone spoke of..we went a few days she became lighter and more beautiful...she looked just like her Dad's side....but the strange thing was even though I fell right into mother hood and was loving it..I still did not feel that bonding that I was longing for...not until almost 7 weeks later we were in the car on our way to the cabin at the deer lease...S had the cutest little bunny footed snow suit on...she was sitting straddled across my lap with her beautiful little tummy and face against me...Annie's song was playing and I will never forget..that feeling when we melted into absolutely beautiful that moment still brings intense emotion to me even now....sniff

With one of mine..I was 11 months pregnant and she still loved her happy was the Month of December and Christmas was upon us..just 6 days out..I was miserable..huge...I felt as if someone had loaded me up with a ton of bricks...I had an ob man was also a good friend ..anyway the check up rang true and can go home...Erica..I said NO WAY JOSE' I am not leaving this hospital without my baby in hand...he said ..But Erica Baby why don't you wait until Christmas ..have a Christmas Alley McB thought was are you insane??? I guess you wouldn't have a clue..never having a I said I am not leaving ..give me something...I am having this baby they prepped me ..gave me a epidermal...I laid down in my private room and My doctor came in and read me a book by Steven King while I was in Labor...then John came in and they both sat with me..we talked and laughed and played chess..right up until she pain..just mild cramping earlier on..we went into with John and his daughter ..there..and when he held her up she was the most beautiful distinguishable residue..she was bright pink all plump...looked like she had already been out for the two months she decided to take within me...and my doctor and john had the most beautiful smiles under those masks...smiling now...I don't think Miss A..ever had a non beautiful moment....giggle..anyway later that day...I got up with Ms Amanda walked out of the hospital and went Christmas shopping over a Neiman Marcus ...Why not..I looked great and felt great....I can remember everyone coming over and complimenting on what a beautiful baby she was...and almost as an after thought they would almost looks like a New Born ....mmm....little did they know she was born only hours before right next door....giggle....What a beautiful Christmas gift....

And then Ms. Ashley...was born the day before my Birthday..another beautiful gift....and my son..when I found out I was having a boy..I jumped up and down and ran around the house hooting and hollering for an hour or more......I felt like Rocky when I had him....

Erica @)----------
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Day One.....Why is everyone staring at me? All I see are noses and chins. The old guy smells like listerine.

Day Two....Still tired from the move. I am liking this breastfeeding thing. I could do this for the rest of my life.

Day Three...I think I pooped myself. Nah, wasn't me. Was the old guy.

Day Four....Yep, it was me this time.

Day Five....Any chance of getting a baloney sandwich?

Day Six....If that fat broad with her hair in the bun gives me that, "Coochie, coochie, coo," one more time.....Pow! Right in the Kisser.

Day Seven...Wonder if I can get internet access and join MillionaireMatch?...oh, that was just gas.
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1 year ago
ROBIN HOOD--- You were 10 pound AND breach??!!! OMG!
Your mother really is a tough beaver!!
I was breach aswell, but i was coming out bum first! I was sideways!! LOL
Mum had a C-Section, but that was of course 1984, not in the 50's.
My labour might have been long and painful, but i thank god i didnt have any complications.

Thanks for sharing your story!!
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1 year ago
LMAO Cat...i am so glad you did!
9 pound 8 ounces?? Geez!! Big baby!! and 4 weeks early?? LOL
You are right though...your babies are miracles.
All baies are miracles, but when the live through so much turmoil, just from being born, you know it is really meant to be.
I was so lucky with Patrick. my pregnancy was eventful, but the birth was basically text book.
(i guess the higher powers realised i was at the end of my tether!).
This has turned out to be a great blog! Ive suddenly realised that im to scared to have more babies!! LOL

Statuesque---Thanks for your story! Very funny!! Goodness me! LOL

Morning angel---Thankyou also for sharing your stories.
All very exciting! And great names that you picked, and same goes for everyone!!
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1 year ago
I will share a very funny story on this with my son. My Dr. was 35 mis away. I was a day or 2 early and i started having contractions at home. When they were about 10 mins we decided it was real and took of. We got about10 mles out of town at around midnight and had a flat9right front wheel) Michael looked in the trunk and swore. The spare was flat. Now midnight is not a time to be out in West Texas but luckily a mexican family with 4 kids came by and stopped. None spoke english but i could get by. They gave me a ride to the hospital and they were driving about 50. I started having contractions 1 right after the other and we were still outside of town. I told him to hurry with a slight emphasis of course. He went through town with the horn blaring(no one in got to the ER and 1 1/2 hrs later Lance was born. Micheal came right about the time he made his first cry said he had cut the "radial" tired off -not an easy feat! and run in on the rims sparks and all.
Quite an experience!
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My frist daughter had been an experience.. Placenta previa on top of an incompetant cervix (HA! they got THAT wrong *L*) and 7 months of absolute bedrest and only being allowed to be up for a total of 2 hours a day and only allowed out of the house for 2 hours a week.. I went into over time and had her 9 days late and with a full induction. We almost lost her at birth too due to the cord around her leg. But boy did she let every one know later on that she not only was here but had the best set of lungs going. Still does too *LOL*
My second daughter almost spoiled me. A partial induction and the doctor with the epidural was late (okay it was my idea that the two patients in ICU needed meds before I did and they did give me some gas) and then I slept on and off till she came.

But my son...5 days in and out of labour during one of the wildest heat waves Ottawa had ever seen and no central air conditioning in the house. I would go into labour and go into the hospital (a 45 minute drive from our house) and by the time I'd get cooled down in the hospital my body would give up the fight and I'd litterally collapse and the contractions would stop by the time I was cooled off. Went to see my doctor (who came back from holidays and hence why no one would induce me like I'd had with the first two) on the tuesday morning. We'll induce on thursday he says. So went and bought the biggest bottle of wine I could find and had a glass of wine and a nice hot bath. Went to bed and kept being waken up by the contractions. This time very strong and finally unable to sleep went do call the hospital to tell them I was coming in for meds to take the edge off of pain. Strangely my now ex drove at unreal speeds. Perhaps it was the fact that this time I wasn't screaming but had almost broken the dashboard from my grip. We get into the hospital and triage and the nurse checks me over and tells me I'm not even dialated and I might have to go home again. She went on break and my water broke. heheheeh.. couldn't have timed that better if I'd planned it. She runs back and checks me.. only 4 cm.. still a ways to go.. but into delivery we go. She gets me up into the bed and I ask her to get me an epidural. By the third time I ask her she realises I'm serious so she preps me for it. Only she gets the neddle into my arm for the IV and I start to deliever. Hehehe.. that was even better now that I think about it. She begs my ex to push the emergancy button and he had to actually pick himself off of the floor where he was kneeling and begging for someone to help me.. good thing too as I was ready to kill him by that time *L* and suddenly lights are flashing and people are running in. One nurse was still scrubbed up from helping to just deliver another baby and catches my son. Made a comment about my pushing him out so fast that he litterally "popped" out. And then it was all over.. and the doctor on duty (who'd been the one who had sent me home 2 times before and my back up while my doctor was on holidays, glares at me.. comments quietly "You had to do that on MY duty didn't you?" Heheheh.. damn straight.
When he was all cleaned up my ex goes over and says "hello Christoper" to which my son turns his head completely towards his voice. Nurse and Doctor said that most babies don't do that.

Talking about cravings.. strangely I don't think I really had wild cravings.. well a few perhaps.. Kalamata Olives.. Chick Peas and fresh snow peas for all three.. with Alexandria it was Fuji/Braeburn apples.. Clarissa it was Pomegranites and Asian pears.. and my son.. Asian pears.
For all three children I think I went through about $40-60 by myself of fresh fruits and veggies.. and almost NO meat.

Socialbutterfly.. feel for you on those internal stitches.. thankfully I had a doctor with very small hands *LOL*

Alexandria Aurora Leigh 8 lbs 11oz
Clarissa Alicia Sophia 8lbs 6oz
Christopher Robert Nikolaos Eric
8 lbs 11 oz (hey after that birth I wasn't too sure I ever wanted to do THAT again and wanted to get in all the names *L*)

Irishroaney.. my oldest didn't hum.. but she sort of mewed like a little kitten.. she ended up with the nickname "Miss Mew.. aka Mistress Mew -mistress for her demanding ways in regards to food *L* She's 7 now.. and went into her room the other night and she was cuddled up to a stuffed doll and mewing still. I had thought she'd grown out of it.. guess not fully yet *L*

Socialbutterfly.. what a great idea for a blog.. not for everyone obviously.. but great for some of us *winks*

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1 year ago
Thanks everyone for your responses...i wasnt sure i would get any!

Spiritual--- No morning sickness huh? Well...i made up for it!
I puked every single day from 6 weeks until the day i had him. Sometimes 4 times a day! They had to give me drugs to take after my first puke in the morning, to stop me puking for the rest of the day!
In my first trimester i lost 10kgs!! instead of gaining! lol
I had a few cravings. But nothing weird. Just mint icecream...and any other ice cream i could get my hands on! I think my mum put on a heap of weight when i was pregnant because she would sit there and share the icecream with me! LOL

Asian---12 days late?? OMG! I would have been going crazy!!
He was a beautiful baby though!

T---I understand your not wanting to share it is a dating site!! LOL
You are right about it being a beautiful experience. Obviously the pain isnt beautiful...but when you hear them cry, and they are in your arms,it is an awesome feeling.

Barbara---That bad huh?? LOL Thanks for not sharing in that case!! LOL

Will---You are to gorgeous. i love that you are interested.

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1 year ago
When my mom was pregnant with me, the placenta tore and then sealed itself back up and she was bed ridden for months until delivery. She made the history books, the doctors said it was a miracle.

My pregnancy was wonderful. I didn't even show until the end of my fifth month. The only morning sickness I had was gone after 2 bites of a cracker and it never happened again. No cravings, not even hungry. I had to make myself eat. It was great.

My labor was on time and fast. I arrived at noon and he was born at 4:30 p.m. But when he came out he wasn't breathing. He was a dark shade of purple. All I heard was doctors and nurses saying, "Breath baby breath". It seemed like forever. I didn't think he going make it, but he did.

He had three separate incidents from 9 mos to 2 yrs. where he would be playing and just keel over stiff as a board and not be breathing. We had to do CPR each time to get him back. EEG's and EKG's were done, but they never figured out what happened to him. He has been great since then. One of life's mysteries.
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I was supposed to be due on December 8 of 1996. I ended up not having anything even remotely resembling labor until December 20, when I finally started having some contractions. My water wouldn't really break on its own, and I was only dilated about 3 cm after nearly half a day of labor, so they had to induce with oxytocin, or whatever it is they give you to speed things up. They ended up just giving me a C-section, because they detected fetal distress and figured the cord might be wrapped around his neck or something. He was 7 lbs. and 7 ounces, but dropped to as low as 6 lb, 13 oz. because I was trying to nurse him, and the lactation letdown didn't really kicked in for a couple of days. He also got a mild infection and fever, so we didn't leave the hospital until December 26. We both spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in hospital beds with tubes coming out of our arms.

All those abdominal stitches were a total pain to recover from. As much as I love my son, one birth (and one baby's worth of diapers and such) was enough for me to say, "Unless I marry a millionaire movie star or something, I'm NEVER doing this again!" and I've pretty much stuck to that.

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1 year ago
Will--- I had three stitches just inside the 'birth canal', but i had no tearing on the outside, like the perinium etc.