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Lee's Pink Hippie Ring

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Lee's Pink Hippie Ring and the Concept of the Hippie Marriage came to me one day was inspired by Lee. His ring is Orange.
$6 Rubiates, Mendocino Ca
theý come in a rainbow of colors. no plastic
a rogue tried to steal the Ceremony and wound up paying for the lot. Gypsies in love, where the girl goes in and pickpockets the solicitor as he learns to pay for his deeds. My Saturn and Uranus are both in Sagattarius.
the Hippie Marriage concept is a nice way of Honouring someone you love enough to marry under Hippie terms, like youll sticktogether as long as possible maybe thekids will grow to be 6 or 7 and then he'll probably findsomeone new but atleast youll try to be good to each other in the meantime and even civil towards each other afterward. oh well, techinically , Im with Peter! Altho he sure is busy at the office these long years...,