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Just poetic thoughts I want to share with everyone.

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I wrote this not long ago. Some folks have already received my writing. It's an extraction from my book titled, 'Soliloquy.'Please feel free to comment. Oh, BTW, am NOT professional writer by any stretch, but it comes form the heart, all the same.
A tale of the heart
Romantic caress is never far away and resonates the following sonata prose of eternal belief: In sea voyage of cascading spirits destined to sail beautiful ports of harbor to anchor Elysian fields of love. The searchlight beacon arched the waves of rolling water's edge. Castaway passenger did sojourner tumble. This time to stay, make peace, love, hope, laugh, length of days and pray. Alas, alone, dear lady I implore. The telephone line does not ring, no one answers and beg to sit tight, for whom the bell tolls, once more. Sands through the passage of time shift from day to day, trickling collage of diaphanous tears. Echo of her whisper below the deepest recess of my heart's desire, sextant spun direction. Dancing shadows, laughter down the corridor, perfume of midnight revenant saunter the moon 13 At times my gaze prolonged appreciating your beauty, please forgive a man's lonely heart. The stars provide a host of speculative audience to study and possibly intervene on man's behalf. My prayers submitted with quiet desperation, twilight mystery, unspoken selfish desires. Am older, but fear, not much wiser. Had love before, pray thou never hijack the bounty, hold to recapture the essence of life once more. Will you see me when it's time? Will I see you when it's our time to be together hand in hand, renewed. Oh, I shudder to think, we pass each other by without a word said, glance or smile exchanged. May our small talk roll into an exciting conversation of shared experiences, hopes and dreams. The sway of your walk communicates to my soul, join in the journey of lasting partnership. Erstwhile the chalice of eternal love is set before me, each dawn and sundown, scripts another landscape Life's goblet on table, rife with ghosts of the past, swirling dreams, heartaches, promises & broken words. Light of tomorrow, shines through checkered past: now, beholden world view trust without end, rest divine Hearken thy gift, the drink bequeaths, crisp clean & clear, you and me, two chartered vessels draw near. I am not alone in search of everlasting love. The lonely heart legion in this world is replete. The corner of life has enough room for another to be mine now and forever more: Lover of my soul, one breath incomplete without yours, my happiness rests on your bosom. Forthwith come now, make us complete. Two hearts joined, through thick and thin, ready to start another day and begin again. Surely as the sun rise and sets, we are best friends, come nighttime, thunderstruck paramour intertwined expressions of aching heart desire, to love without measure. The start of my thought is finished with your sentence, somehow strikes a familiar melody. I can't wait to see you, know you, hold you, love you until we meet again in paradise. Oh love, return your blessing once more, or what’s a heaven for?
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Beautiful, love your passage, truly from the heart.