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Just asking you be real and make an effort. 😉

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Guys please work on your primary profile pics!!! This is so frustrating. If you aren't savvy at taking candid shots of yourselves, I'm pretty sure you can afford to hire someone who is. Mine isn't amazing but ditch the hats and sunglasses. Why do so many of you have blurry or obviously outdated profile pics?! If I can see up your nose in the pic, it's an automatic no. Only 1 pic and minimal info - fake account.
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You may want to consider that cultural differences might account for the like of profile pics. For instance I live on a small Island and odds are you are going to run into someone in person from the site. Sometimes it makes for rather uncomfortable conversation. I was at work once assisting a customer and in the lobby infront of everyone the client said, I recognise you, you're that girl from the dating site. Whilst it may be no big deal for other cultures. In our culture we like to keep our dating lives private
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No bathroom pictures especially in public bathrooms. Not classy at all.
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Yup. Dead giveaway of the fakers is: 1 pic only, the unnatural tilt of the head among other features