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It's always a Positive thing when love enters our lives!

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Just so everyone knows, I got a divorce from my first husband around 11 - 12 years ago. And, I didn't expect to ever find love again! I stumbled around for a bit- dated for awhile- then I healed from it! Then, an amazing life turning event happened to me!

Surprise! Surprise! I joined a dating website and fell in love by accident! I ended up marrying him in fact. He made me feel like anything was possible in life. His love was smothering, powerful, intoxicating, regal, and he made me believe that almost anything was possible. He made me believe in myself. Unfortunately, our time together ended in a sudden tragic unexpected way and therefore our time together was short. Now, I am a widow. But, if it's one thing I have learned from this experience- in my life, it's that when 'love' enters your life- it's always a Positive thing! No matter what happens after that. hope you all find a Positive thing!

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What a wonderful (and sad) story. Wonderful that you found love again........there is hope. Stay positive and open your heart, communicate and stay healthy and safe. There are some great people on this site and I hope you make some nice friends.

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Wow, what a life journey! Thank you for sharing your story ❤