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Is it me, after a while Dating Sites are Boring?

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•My experience has been lots of scammers, some are looking for someone to take care of them or money, My opinion: the mature are seeking someone half their age (like they can still get it up, without help), some are searching for sex (not an issue, if this is your thing), and the ones who think that they have it going on, are fixated on themselves (25 to 35 pictures, some revealing) appear to be on here for the attention (their prerogative).

•When I log on, I find myself viewing the same profiles over and over (my profile included). Uninspiring. Therefore, I asked myself is it time to move on?

•Perhaps, try meeting someone in a bar, restaurant, or movie (post pandemic) etc. This way you will be able to see and talk to someone in person. Thus, you may meet someone that you have some chemistry or physical attraction to. I call this instant gratification. Instead of hoping that someone like your profile, pictures, and message you for a date.
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January 13 Total posts: 15
Regarding the scammers, I feel you. If you are (implying that you are) receiving “$15 give cards” from the scammers, it appears that they are the ones being scammed.

Yes, there are good people here that are not after money (I consider myself one). Also, it is obvious that most of the people here are not “rich”. I chose Millionaire Match hoping there was not as many scammers, as on the other sites…

I wish you good luck with the lady that you are looking for.
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January 11
I had scammers get to me this my third profile lol anyways there worth $15 give cards, I found a lady here but I think she's taken now or something I've been waiting for her to respond, I just know with all my heart she accepts me, I just straight up tell ladies I'm not rich it saves me a lot of time and there's good people here to not after money, the time is coming when we we'll be with that significant other,
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January 10 Total posts: 15
You shared your experience, I shared my experience, views, and suggestions, and Myuniqueuserid stated his opinion. Thus, there is no correct or wrong. Therefore, it seems to me that, this is just the reality of dating sites. Sorry to hear about your loss.
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You and myuniqueuserid are correct, but at the same time wrong. After a few years of scammers and fakes, some crazy dates, some okay dates, making a couple of great friends, and gaining two stalkers, I finally met the man I would marry and have two children with. He wasn't a wealthy man and that's okay. He was a kind, hard working, loving man. Now you may ask if it worked out so well in the end, then why am I on here now? He passed away a few years ago. Anyway, sometimes, just as in the live dating scene, it just takes time shuffling through the weeds to get to the flowers.
Be it here or elsewhere, I wish you both the best in your search!
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I think that you hit the nail on the head when these older men, particularly on this site, are seeking someone half their age.
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January 8 Total posts: 15
  • Yes, you are right. It appears that online dating does not work. At least not in my case, I consider myself a decent person and hopefully not coming across as stupid or desperate. However, I only attract scammers...

  • Thus, I have come to the realization not to take it seriously. When I get a scammer asking for personal information, I ask them to supply me their real name, Social Security number, and proof that they are millionaires!

  • So now, I spend my time reading the ordinary men profiles to see what they are searching for and what they think of themselves… Looking for something to make me laugh. It all is a game.

  • So, I did what any smart lady would do. I signed up for Match and Plenty of Fish! Smile.
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On-line dating doesn't work. It's just entertainment between Netflix shows or while sipping your morning coffee.
Its gameboy for adults from the comfort of your sofa. It enables ordinary people to believe they're extraordinary.
When you finally realize this you'll never take it seriously again or invest more than minimal time in it.