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I'm sorry

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September 14
I joined on here, like many people do, for an easy way out. it was in a moment of frustration and anxiety...the time when we are apt to make regrettable decisions. It is also completely out of character for me to join a dating website because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and am perfectly content with Him being my provider (I've joined a Christian site as well and I feel the same way about that as I do about this: It doesn't make sense for me to be here). But I'm going to get the most out of it while I can since I'm here. So I have a few questions and would love to just get to know you. no pressure. I'm here if you just want to talk's what I prefer anyway.

So, I have a few questions. You can pick one, all of them or none of them. Up to you. What is the main difference between dating someone that's rich versus someone that's not? To what do you really owe your wealth? Are you open to discussion?
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I feel the same way
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God creates doors, it's you that must walk throw them.
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If you are financially struggling and you are a God-fearing God loving good happy hearted person, then we are in it together we win. Love and to be in love is my sole purpose of looking on the website. Now, I believe in Jesus, and I believe in praying for a soulmate or relationship, and I have not seen anything in the Bible indicating there is anything wrong with people going on a website to meet someone, so I hope that answers your question ma'am.
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No difference between dating rich or not. They are like anyone else. The rich person worked very hard for his/her success, and appreciates another who shares his/her values, respect, and love. Their success is not squandered materialistically.