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I know why I'm here, do you?

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1 year ago
I'm sure everyone has a different reason for coming to this site, all I know is why I came...I am not a superficial person, I came on looking to make friends, possibly more, but ONLY if the chemistry is right. I want a man that when we gaze into each others eyes, theres no denying the caring and passion we share and it is so strong, we have to touch and feel each others essence...I am affectionate to friends as well as a my lover, I love to give hugs, undying loyalty, encouragement and praise, I treat all of my relationships as though they are the most precious thing in this world! I have had a very rich life full of love and happiness, and I have never based my self image or outlook on life by how much money I have or don't have, I always have what I need and am thankful for that!! But I would like to share time with a friend or gentelman who doesn't have to spend every minute of time worrying about how to pay the phone bill or working 16 hrs a day, don't get me wrong in the day to day world I know and respect every person who takes on their own responsiblities in life and does what it takes to get by...but I would like to experience and cherish some special times with someone who I guess has had the determination and LUCK to become a person that can go places and see things I can only dream of...also I am very creative, vivacious and love to explore all life has to offer me..that's why I moved to the Mountains, just to be able to see what riches god has given me everyday, I love nature and am happy just hiking in the mountains, sitting by the river looking at the stars thinking of what tomorrow will bring...Is there anyone out there who shares any of these ideals and has time in their life for a friend and with time hopefully more... please get in touch with me...I'll patiently be waiting...All good things are worth the wait!!!