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I can get over it, but is there anyone who can live up to it

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so you're not at least 6'0" so you're balding
so you are not the cartoon version, the charming prince who kisses to waken me -Snow White, from the devil curses of the world...
I am not a woman who is impressed with what you were Born with (God Given) like Family Wealth or genetics.
I'm impressed with what you have done with it. HONEST? EXPRESS DEEP HOLY SPIRIT TYPE LOVE? INTEGRITY? DO AS YOU SAY, SAY AS YOU DO, CARE FOR THE WEAK, FIGHT FOR THE SMALL? Or are you trying to buy me, withyour snake eyes and shallow lies? Sure there are probably numbers well into the hundreds of thousands of gorgeous possibly successful women, damaged as only an empath can understand, forfeiting God's Great Plans making all women look like ignorant ragdolls. She's the gold digger & casual F'''buddy, she's the FWB/BFF, or the 1night stand, ...regardless if her wants, or needs get met, she's the always available FREE SAMPLE. Which prompts me to ask the question, are there so many women who sexuallyrollover when told, that women like me will never be able to get or keep an Honest Man "until death do we part"...and somehow men see us all as toasters (so easy) to replace by the shiny, cheaper models at their convenience? better yet once we have become unpopular, dull, or inconvenient to their "easy upgrade life style" as women forfeit our "temples", respect lost in mens' eyes that we are creating an Abominable Societal Man Monster? KNOW THIS:there are women, a Super Rare few, (myself) whosimply will not be swayed, for superficial, materialistic, fantasy bullshit, no matter what fantasy you're selling men. We Simply are not going to share our bodies, minds, hearts and souls with you without 100% Authentic Reciprocity.
Guys this is not a challenge, its law to the genuine God fearing few. Either Marry & Cherish us, or respectfully Exit stage Left, I am not a toaster. Don't you be the flaming bag of poo the ignorant teenage bully keeps leaving on the good girls porch, every week.
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thanks to all appreciative parties
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I'll pass. next!
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wow 👐 well put
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Your blogs are great!!